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I move the stars for no one.

1 March 1982
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There once was an apple that grew on an apple tree, as apples tend to do. He was a green apple, whereas all his family and friends, even his co-workers, were red delicious. He was sad and decided to seek his fortune overseas.

After decades of travel, he finally stumbled upon an orange tree. This bit of information is irrelevant except that they pointed him in the direction of another tree, which was filled with green apples. All the other apples shunned him because they were stupid.

The moral of the story is, never try. "Gimbal's is gone, Marge. Long gone. You're Gimbal's."
accents on men, agnostics and atheists, big shnozes, deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acids, foreign languages (especially german), hawks with names, hugh jackman's arms, jareth from the labyrinth, ladybugs and gentlemanbugs, literary pornography, men having butt-sex, mice that don't talk, people who aren't american, protruding veins, reclusive people-haters, screwing the dead, shapely knuckles, sharp and pointy teeth, shaven vaginas, slim wrists, spiked cacti, strangling tiny babies